Smart Dashboard for Salon and Spa | Meevo (2024)

Meevo's Smart Center is a completely customizable dashboard hub within the software. Design your Smart Centers to fit your creative style and easily access real-time data that's specific to each role at your business. Now, you can see everything important to your salon or spa in one place.

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Meevo Custom Dashboard Features

You went out of your way to make your salon unique, including a customized interior and branded products. Why stop there? Creating a custom dashboard lets you put a personal touch on the platform you use to book appointments, schedule service providers, and accept payments.

Smart Centers do more than let you put your own stamp on your software platform. They also help you keep on top of stats and key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can see at a glance how your team and business are performing.

One Screen, Your Way

Organize your Smart Center with everything important to YOU on one screen. Choose from tons of smart tiles to keep you informed, then get personal with gorgeous layouts and colors so your home base feels like YOU.

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Custom Employee Dashboards

Not all Smart Centers look alike—and that's the idea! Create role-based dashboards for managers, service providers, front desk staff, and salon owners. Customize employee dashboards to display helpful info tailored to their job profiles, so they know their goals, appointments, results and productivity all at a glance.

  • Front Desk
  • Service Provider
  • Manager
  • Owner

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Live Metrics And Data

Salon and spa owners and managers have enough to do without searching for the data they need. Smart Center tiles display the real-time data and live metrics determined by you. It's the simplest and most effective way to stay on top of KPIs and employee stats.

Reports for Multiple Locations

Don't waste time running separate data reports for each of your locations. Owners and managers of multiple salons or spas can keep track of business as a whole with Smart Center aggregated data tiles.

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Benefits of a Custom Spa and Salon Dashboard

Meevo's Smart Center has a lot to offer your salon or spa. The benefits of using our custom salon and spa software dashboard include:

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Spot Issues Quickly

Similarly, your custom dashboard gives you all the data you need to spot potential problems, such as a high rate of canceled appointments or client turnover. With that data in hand, you can make choices to protect the future of your company or correct issues while they're still small.

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Keep Track of Goals

You get to decide which details appear on the dashboard, making it easy for you and your staff to set goals and track their progress toward them. There's no need to search for the stats you need when they're all right on the front page.

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View Data Relevant to You

Put the KPIs you're most interested in front and center on your dashboard. Since you can customize the Smart Center by role, you can ensure that your employees get more pertinent data, such as the number of scheduled appointments and gross monthly or daily sales for service providers. Managers can easily see inventory levels and start reorders, while your front desk team can see check-ins and waitlist details at their fingertips.

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Save Time

Give your staff the information they need the minute they log into the system. By providing tailored details on the front page, you help your team be more productive, saving time and improving your salon's reputation. And, you control what information each employee sees, whether it’s only their personal goals and KPIs or the company’s.

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Add Flair

You can customize more than stats and information on Meevo's Smart Center. Choose colors that align with your salon's branding and pick a layout that matches your spa's aesthetic and style.

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Smart Dashboard for Salon and Spa | Meevo (2024)


What kind of system is Meevo? ›

What is Meevo? From appointment scheduling to online booking, contactless client registration, self-pay, and more, Meevo salon and spa software takes the struggle out of managing your software, so you can stay focused on the beauty side of your business.

Is Meevo an app? ›

Meevo users can access and download the Meevo BI app in both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play.

Can I log into Meevo at home? ›

Meevo is a cloud-based software that can be accessed wherever you are in the world from a web browser on any device, including your PC, Mac, and all iOS and Android devices.

Does Meevo do payroll? ›

Payroll Management

Meevo makes payroll a breeze, even if you have different compensation plans for your service providers. Meevo enables you to configure payroll periods and calculate employee wages whether they are paid hourly, salary or by commission for sales or services performed.

How much is meevo per month? ›

Pricing details

Meevo pricing plans are dependent on the number of users required. Pricing starts at $139/month for up to 5 users and scales as follows: 5 Professionals: $139/month for up to 5 users and 1,500 text messages. 10 Professionals: $179/month for up to 10 users and 2,500 text messages.

Is meevo Hipaa compliant? ›

Meevo is a 100% HIPAA compliant platform, and every Millennium Systems International employee completes HIPAA training for company-wide compliance.

What is the phone number for Meevo support? ›

Meevo's Live Status

For Emergency Support, please call (973) 402-8801 and follow the prompts to leave a message and one of our business support technicians will respond shortly.

How can I do payroll without a program? ›

Take a look at the steps you have to follow for manual payroll:
  1. Track time. Use an attendance management method to track employee time. ...
  2. Calculate payroll. At the end of each pay period, use employee time cards and their rates of pay to calculate wages. ...
  3. Subtract deductions. ...
  4. Pay employees. ...
  5. File and deposit taxes.
Jan 29, 2024

How do you automate paying employees? ›

Here are four simple steps to automate paying your employees:
  1. Find a payroll system that works for you. ...
  2. Input your information into the system. ...
  3. Make sure you have the necessary documents and processes in place before launching. ...
  4. Train any employees who will use the automated payroll system.
Dec 19, 2023

What program can I use for payroll? ›

Paychex is our best reporting option because it checks almost all the boxes for what you want in payroll software regarding reports and data. It also automatically files your payroll taxes, ensures compliance, and includes integrations with important programs you also use, such as accounting and benefits apps.

Who created Meevo? ›

Our History with Founder & Chairman, John Harms

It began more than three decades ago when John Harms built a company based on revolutionary technology, outstanding support, and more importantly, a strong passion to educate salon and spa owners on how to sustain success.

Who is the CEO of Meevo? ›

John Harms, Founder of MSI, will take on a new role in the company to lead continued innovation and growth, names Sebastian Vos as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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