Paper Dolls in Michigan (2024)

MicheleHi! My Name is Michele. I'm 45 with 3 adult kids. If you're looking for someone who likes to laugh and have fun but can also be serious and understanding, I could be the one you're looking for.

RyannHi, I'm Ryann. This is my first time being incarcerated. I'm currently <> years old from Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Ride or die

DawnHey I'm Dawn, 31 years around the sun! Looking for a long term penpal as I serve out my 6 years here at WHV. I'm an outgoing women who truly cherishes any real friends that I make. I love riding/training horses, shopping, nature, and traveling.

AshleyHi, my name is Ashley. I am interested in meeting people, having fun, and experiencing life! I'm a true Leo. I'm positive, happy, loyal, and fun to be around. While incarcerated, I've had time to reflect and create goals for when I'm released in 2026.

GabrielleHello, my name is Gabby. I am a kind and caring person and am looking for someone to write to and share my thoughts and interests. I'm very outgoing and love to engage in conversation. I'm not perfect and I do not allow it to define my personality.

ChelseaHello. I'm looking for someone I can build a lasting friendship with. I have many interests, some of which are crocheting, watching TV, listening to music, writing letters or messages, and talking on the phone.

BrookeI am looking for steady penpals as I serve my time. I am outgoing and love to make new friends. I love to sing, dance, and be the life of the party. I enjoy spending time with my friends, shopping, and traveling.

ToniaI am a sweet, Southern Belle with a sparkling personality. I am outgoing and openminded. I always seeking out the best in others.

DimonHey, my name is Dimon Markea and my name has always been a true representation of me! I am 26 years old and full of love and life!

AutumnI'm currently serving a light sentence with a few years left. I am looking for someone to help make my time easier, whether it be companionship, friendship, or even future employment opportunities. I'm a very spontaneous, optimistic, and open minded Aries.

GabrielleHello, I go by Gabby. I'm seeking someone that I can communicate with. I am fun and outgoing, very kind-hearted. I don't mind staying at home, watching movies, and eating popcorn. You can write me on Jpay a lot faster than snail mail.

JanelI'm athletic, fun, and open to anything. I'm full of energy and always a great time. I'm 25 at heart. I'm a country girl. I've raced motorcycles and snowcross all my life.

CinyaraI'm a Sagittarius who likes to travel, have fun, and create art, so write me and let me know what you enjoy!

JessicaHi, my name is Jessica and I am in women's Huron valley correctional facility in Michigan. My prison number is #402975. I am looking for someone to share time with in a friendship, possible relationship. I love the outdoors, camping, boating, being on the water, festivals.

LillyHi. I am a very outgoing and positive person. I love to learn new things. I also like to work out and be creative. Im looking for a companion to walk this time down with and hopefully build something more and beyond here. Send me a JPay or snail mail.

KarlieHi! My name is Karlie and I'm 31 years old. I'm looking for a funny and intelligent man or woman to correspond with. If it ends up being more than a friendship then that's great.

ErinI am looking for someone to get to know. Someone who can teach me things about places I've never seen. Or stories I've never heard. I prefer the stay at home life but always have to have a night of fun. I have a very open mind and love to laugh.

TriciaHello. I'm looking for someone who's going to be real with me. I've been in this place for some time now and as I get close to being out in the real world I would love to have a friend to do things with. I'm a country girl, down to earth, and I love to laugh.

MaritaHello everyone! Hope you have a sweet tooth because I'm very sweet. My name is Marita. I'm a fun loving woman, a great listener, and a great friend to have! I'm well-educated with life experiences. My friends say I have a heart of gold.
Paper Dolls in Michigan (2024)
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