Online Booking Software for Salon and Spa | Meevo (2024)

Meevo's customizable and dynamic online booking software enables your clients to easily book appointments for your salon, spa, medspa or massage studio from anywhere at any time of day. Sit back and watch your books fill and revenue grow.

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How Online Booking Software Benefits Your Business

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Books Appointments 24/7

Meevo was the first in the industry to offer online booking software for salons and spas. Improve the client experience and boost the number of appointments scheduled by giving your guests the ability to schedule their next appointment when and how it’s convenient. Meevo’s quick and simple online booking experience enables anyone to schedule their next appointment in just a few clicks.

Increases Front Desk Productivity

An online scheduling system streamlines the workflow for your front desk and service professionals by reducing call volume and providing more time for them to focus on taking care of guests, rebooking clients, selling products and services, and promoting specials, memberships, and packages.

Shares Your Appointment Cancellation Policy

If your cancellation policy is not integrated into your online booking process, clients may not know about it. Our online booking software lets you put your cancellation policies, guidelines, and other information clients need to know front and center before they book an appointment. When clients choose their appointment date and time, they'll be met with your policies and agree to your terms before they can move forward, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it's time for the appointment.

Protects From No-Shows

Even when you make your no-show and cancellation policies clear, the occasional late customer or last-minute cancellation is inevitable. Either situation leaves an open space in your schedule where you could be generating revenue. Recoup some of that lost revenue by implementing a cancellation fee. With Meevo, when the front desk cancels an appointment or marks it a no show, they can choose to charge a no show/cancellation fee. You can choose to send a notification to the client reminding them of your policy, that you’ll be charging the fee, and requesting them to contact your business to reschedule their appointment.

Customize Your Online Booking System to Perfectly Fit Your Brand

Custom Branding

With Meevo, you can integrate your beauty and wellness business’s brand colors throughout the online booking experience. The accent color, font, and button colors can all be configured within your custom branding settings to maintain a consistent brand identity throughout your websites and user experience.

Embeds on Your Website

Meevo’s online booking system embeds into your salon or spa website, providing a seamless brand and customer experience. Your clients never leave your website to make an appointment with their favorite service provider or stylist (and you don’t miss out on capturing their appointment).

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Boost Sales with Add-On Services Recommended During Online Booking

Looking to increase your average ticket? Enable Meevo add-ons and during the online booking process prompts will be included to encourage clients to add other products and services that complement what they're coming in for. Spas and salons using Meevo service and product add-on prompts have seen an increase in their average ticket price and overall revenue.

Meevo’s recommended add-ons helped bring in over $13,000 per month to Viva Day Spa + Med Spa!

Meevo Online Booking Software Features

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Provide Appointment History

Streamline the online booking process for returning clients. Booking History enables clients to select their previous service and service professional in a single step and then immediately scans for the first available opening.

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Send Automatic Reminders

With Meevo’s Appointment Book, email and text confirmations and reminders are automatically sent. These appointment notifications will ensure your guests know exactly when to arrive, minimizing dreaded no-shows and cancellations.

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Display Announcements

Display announcements within a banner of your online booking to convey important information to clients. Use online booking notices to announce the availability of a new service provider, an exciting special or promotion, or extended holiday hours.

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Notify Guest Arrivals

Meevo’s Arrivals Notifications send clients a reminder a few hours before their appointment, they can then respond and let you know via text when they have arrived.

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Meevo's Precision Timing™ feature allows you to schedule sessions that are just five or ten minutes long to address quick services and enable you to book more services in a day, increasing your revenue.

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Add Clients to the Waitlist

Your clients may find it challenging at times to line their availability up with yours. Utilize Meevo’s Wait List Manager to automatically manage your wait list for you. Clients can add themselves to the wait list and when an appointment opens up, Meevo will automatically text them the opportunity to fill the spot. If the first client doesn’t respond or doesn’t want the time, Meevo will text the next person on the wait list until the opening is filled, enabling you to keep your schedule booked and revenue flowing.

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Multi-Location Convenience

If you run multiple salons, massage studios, beauty bars, medspas or spas, you'll love our Online Booking's built-in location search function. Clients can enter the city, state or zip cope to find and book services at the location most convenient for them. After selecting their desired location, Meevo provides a map view for easy access to driving instructions, so clients know exactly how to get to you.

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Update Membership Payment Methods

Clients can update their card on file for memberships through online booking. If the guest has an active membership, a new Membership Payment Information section will appear and they can update an existing payment card and add a secondary card if desired.

Easily Manage Groups and Events Through Online Booking

Encourage Group Bookings

Clients can book themselves and up to five guests, including family members, with multiple services each with the convenience and ease of a signle reservation.

Cater to Couples

Let your clients book appointments for themself and a guest and during the online booking process indicate if they will be receiving the same services and want them to start at the same time. Additionally, if you offer the ability for their services to be booked within the same treatment room, the appointment openings displayed will indicate which are in the same room and which are not to give the client a choice.

Host Special Events

Host more events and enable clients to book specific services within a designated time frame.

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Online Booking Software Overcomes Salon and Spa Business Challenges

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Eliminate Lost Appointments

Online booking makes it easy for your guests to book an appointment when it’s convenient for them, but it falls flat if your online booking system is slow, clunky, or difficult. Meevo’s online booking system is simple and efficient. Clients can book their next appointment with only a few clicks.

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Enable Clients to Manage their Appointments

Tired of clients booking a service and forgetting they already had an appointment scheduled? Meevo's online booking prevents this from occurring because clients can see their next scheduled appointment and have easy access to cancel/reschedule if needed.

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Avoid Last-Minute Cancellations

Requiring clients to agree to your terms and conditions and cancellation policy with every online booking will go a long way in helping to prevent last-minute no shows and cancellations. Elect to have clients provide a credit card on file in addition to accepting your policies, and you can charge for late, no-show, and cancellation fees at your discretion.

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Avoid Online Booking Errors

Control which services can and cannot be scheduled online to avoid client confusion and errors. You can also configure the order of services booked. Have clients coming in for a haircut and color? You can choose the order those services should be booked.

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We Enjoy Meevo's Online Booking!

"We have received a lot of new clients this way. The best part is that we require a credit card to secure an appointment. It is a good way to ensure clients show up or call to cancel. While we encourage pre-booking, clients who cannot pre-book find it easy to use online booking, and they like that it's accessible when the salon is closed and need to book after hours."

Hope D., Owner of Wair Studio Salon

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I Couldn’t Run Tangles Without Meevo!

"The beauty of Meevo's online booking is how convenient and reliable it is for clients. With detailed service descriptions, estimated costs, and appointment availability all at their fingertips, our clients can make informed decisions without consuming valuable staff time."

Sharon B., Owner of Tangles Hair Salon & Spa

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Online Booking Software for Salon and Spa | Meevo (2024)


What is Meevo used for? ›

What is Meevo? From appointment scheduling to online booking, contactless client registration, self-pay, and more, Meevo salon and spa software takes the struggle out of managing your software, so you can stay focused on the beauty side of your business.

Is there a Meevo app? ›

Meevo users can access and download the Meevo BI app in both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play.

How to make an appointment on Meevo? ›

Meevo's drag-and-drop scheduling feature makes setting up appointments or changing bookings easy. Just use your finger to drag the appointment to the desired date and time.

Can I log into Meevo at home? ›

Meevo is a cloud-based software that can be accessed wherever you are in the world from a web browser on any device, including your PC, Mac, and all iOS and Android devices.

How much is meevo software? ›

Pricing overview

Meevo pricing plans are dependent on the number of users required. Pricing starts at $139/month for up to 5 users and scales as follows: 5 Professionals: $139/month for up to 5 users and 1,500 text messages. 10 Professionals: $179/month for up to 10 users and 2,500 text messages.

Does Meevo do payroll? ›

Payroll Management

Meevo makes payroll a breeze, even if you have different compensation plans for your service providers. Meevo enables you to configure payroll periods and calculate employee wages whether they are paid hourly, salary or by commission for sales or services performed.

What is Mevo Go? ›

Designed for creators, Mevo Go is a live streaming app that enables any smartphone or tablet device to send video and audio to the Mevo Multicam app.

Can you use Mevo with an iPhone? ›

Mevo Multicam App | All-in-One Wireless Live Streaming for iOS & Android.

What is the phone number for Meevo support? ›

Meevo's Live Status

For Emergency Support, please call (973) 402-8801 and follow the prompts to leave a message and one of our business support technicians will respond shortly.

What is appointment in Dynamics 365? ›

An appointment is a commitment that represents a time interval with start and end times and duration. The schema name for this entity is Appointment . A service appointment represents an appointment for service. The schema name for this entity is ServiceAppointment .

How do I make a booking appointment on my website? ›

How to Make a Website for Booking Appointments
  1. Get a Website Builder. ...
  2. Choose a Website Template. ...
  3. Enable Bookings and Appointments. ...
  4. Specify Your Availability. ...
  5. Review Time Slots and Overlapping Appointments. ...
  6. Create an Appointment Product. ...
  7. Display Products on Your Website. ...
  8. Integrate Payment Processing Providers.
Mar 28, 2024

How do I create an appointment slot in Google? ›

Set up & share appointment slots

Click anywhere in the calendar. In the event box that pops up, click Appointment slots. Enter the details, including a title, and pick the calendar where you want the event to show up. To add more information, like a location or description, click More options.

Does Meevo have an app? ›

Yes, Meevo allows you to work anywhere from any device, including your PC, Mac, and all iOS and Android devices. It's a business management app-without needing to download an app.

Is Meevo safe? ›

Best-in-Class Security and Infrastructure

Our products meet all industry compliance standards, including being 100% HIPAA compliant. MSI is PCI and SOC 2 compliant.

How long has Meevo been around? ›

Our History with Founder & Chairman, John Harms

Millennium Systems International was founded in 1987 to provide the beauty and wellness industries with forward-thinking, powerful management software and vital tools.

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